Mentoring: Italian > Dutch

Звесткі аб аб’яве
Запыт - Настаўніцтва
Ад: Annemarie Avezaat
Дата:Dec 30, 2020
Апісанне:I would like some guidance on how to get more practical experience in this language pair and on how to find clients in Italy. In particular, I would like to focus on legal translations.

About me:

I have a bachelor's degree in Italian and in International & European Law, and 5 years of translation experience in the language pair English to Dutch. However, I have no professional translation experience in this language pair.

My areas of expertise are:

- International & European Law
- Chess
- Consumer electronics: e.g. coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, shavers
- E-commerce: content for an online auction website, mainly jewellery.
- Retail: sports, fashion and food labels
- Sports: fitness training, boxing, running, soccer, judo, field hockey
- Travel & Tourism: content for an online booking platform for accommodations

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