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Ад: Daniel Alfonso Medina Gutiérrez
Дата:Jan 22, 2021
Апісанне:I need to get practical experience at professional translations and mentoring on how to get good paying clients.

I live in Mexico, but my intention is to get clients online, so I am looking for mentoring outside Mexico.
I have a Bachelor degree in Law (Mexico, 2003) and a short course on International labor law
Bachelor degree in Music and Postgraduate diploma in Education. These were in Australian universities. I spent 10 years there (04-14). So my english in fluent at a professional level. At the moment I teach online english conversation workshops.

I have a legal translation course that I did last year and a course on SDL trados. I had certificates for both, but they're not Universities.
I also have taken specialization courses on American and English Law and an update on my course on International labor law made online via

I would like to get mentoring on the generals of the profession, collaborate in a project or two and in general, feel more confident to get out there and do it myself.

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